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Insulation Removal in Nashville

Having insulation that is old or damaged in your home can have costly effects. If you think it may be time to remove old insulation from your attic or other areas in your home, call the insulation contractors at Installed Building Products of Nashville. We offer residential insulation removal services you can count on in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

Is It Necessary to Remove Old Insulation?

New insulation can be installed on top of old insulation in some cases, but there are times when insulation should be removed. An insulation professional will be able to assess your insulation and determine whether or not it needs to be completely removed and replaced.

In general, insulation needs to be removed when it is:

  • Damp or wet
  • Moldy
  • Damaged, by fire or otherwise
  • Excessively dusty or dirty

If you are wondering whether you need insulation removed in your Nashville home, give us a call at (615) 649-5481!

Signs Your Attic’s Insulation Needs to Be Replaced

Insulation Removal and Installation in Nashville

It is recommended to check your attic’s insulation annually for signs of damage. However, in addition to visual signs that your insulation is damaged, there are other signs in your home that can indicate it’s time to replace your attic insulation:

  • Allergy issues: If your allergy issues seem to worsen when you’re at home, it could indicate a mold issue in your attic’s insulation.
  • Mold odor: Are you noticing an odd scent in your home? If you smell mold, it could be growing in your insulation.
  • Water leaks: Noticing water leaks in your ceiling or walls could mean there are exposures or weak areas in your attic’s insulation.
  • Age: If you live in an older home, your insulation may have worn out its life span. Insulation is made to last upwards of 80 years, depending on the type used. However, older homes didn’t use as much insulation as homes built today, so your home could be under-insulated or the insulation may be at the end of its life.

Do you need an attic insulation removal company in Nashville? Contact us today to get started!

Insulation Removal & Replacement in the Nashville, TN Area

Insulation replacement requires the same attention to detail as installing new home insulation, and we provide this expertise for every single job. When removing insulation, the IBP of Nashville team uses equipment designed to contain the product. We also collect the old insulation into a holding container outside your home.

After removing the insulation, our team can replace your insulation with:

We install insulation in attics, ceilings, wallsfloors, basements, crawl spaces and more!

FAQs About Insulation Removal

Some of the frequently asked questions we receive about insulation removal in Nashville, TN, include:

Can I remove my insulation myself?

Removing insulation seems pretty simple, but it’s not as straightforward as you may think. You need special tools because it isn’t all about pulling it off; it’s also about handling and disposal. Is it spray foam, fiberglass or both? There are nine types of insulation. How will you know if you did it right? You can also damage the area the insulation is attached to drywall and support studs.

Old insulation is just plain nasty. It’s full of contaminants like animal waste, mold or even asbestos. You can release those contaminants into your home and jeopardize your indoor air quality and your family’s health.

Does insulation removal affect the area the insulation is in?

It depends. Removal shouldn’t affect the structure, but if the insulation is contaminated with mold, mildew or animal waste, it can spread when the insulation is moved.

Is my insulation still effective even though it’s damaged?

Probably not. Damage can compromise the insulation’s function, which is to avoid energy loss. It can also negatively impact your IAQ.

Common causes of insulation damage include:

  • Age – Insulation may have a long life span, but it can’t last forever. Age wears on your insulation’s ability to deliver the energy efficiency you need.
  • Ice dams – This blockage occurs when melted snow refreezes in your roof’s gutters/eaves. It forces runoff into your attic and damages insulation, walls, ceilings, etc.
  • Pests – To be so small, bugs, small animals and rodents can cause extensive damage to your insulation.

Why am I having insulation problems?

One of the reasons you might be having insulation problems could be it was a DIY insulation installation in the first place. Other causes include:

  • Compression – If it’s been walked on or has heavy boxes stored atop, insulation can compress and lose its effectiveness.
  • Missing insulation – Perhaps the shaft that runs to your skylight wasn’t insulated or fiberglass batts loosened and fell. Attic repair workers sometimes move insulation and forget to put it back in place. Kneewalls and vaulted ceilings are other areas where insulation may be missing, and it’s usually because someone forgot.
  • Uneven distribution – When blown-in insulation is poorly installed, it leads to “hills” and “valleys.” These cause problems later.

Schedule Insulation Removal with IBP of Nashville

Never ask, “Where can I find insulation contractors near me?” again! No matter your insulation removal and replacement needs, our professionals can meet them. Contact us today to learn more or get a free estimate!

To schedule insulation removal in Nashville or the surrounding areas, contact our team online or give us a call at (615) 649-5481 today.

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